With my previous employment at Stanley Black & Decker, I was tasked putting together training material for customers that would be using the systems we installed. Teaching groups of employees, security personnel and management to details and steps they needed to navigate through the software to accomplish the tasks needed to use the software properly. I also had to perform phone support for customers and technicians to walk them through problems.

With Absec LLC, I travel the state, teaching ABO Security Professionals in the standards set forth by Absec LLC and approved by the state. We teach these personnel how to articulate the actions they took when an incident occurred to police if needed. We also teach them Louisiana laws that they might be governed by while working in an ABO.

As one of the lead instructors at BJJ Revolution NOLA, I teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to children and adults. Training and teaching martial arts has given me confidence and motivation to succeed at everything I do. The dedication required to study a martial art, spills over in to all other parts of my life.